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Please help us, I am begging.: I am 51 years old, without an income and I am trying to build me and my wife's

Basie started this conversation
I am 51 years old, without an income and I am trying to build me and my wife's future, but I had lost all my money in dealing with companies that trade with binary options. They told me my money was secure and insured and I will not loose it: well, they DID loose it and now they have a lot of stories like I must invest more money with them, ect. How in this world will I invest more money with people that caused me too loose everything we had? Are they serious? I've lost everything as a result of these broker's actions and my wife is not even aware of it. I can not tell her either because that will mean the end of her. Please, I need help, please. I need $5000 or 3000 British pounds or 5008 Euros asap, please. I am begging for help. I can tell you about all the hell I went through, but I don't know if I should do it here because I do not want to do something you might find boring. If you want to hear my “story”, however, I will tell you all about it. I am new at this, but just maybe, there will be somebody willing to help me. This is a emergency situation and I want everybody to know I am not just asking for financial help or a financial life line, I am begging for it. I will do everything in my power to pay it back, also. My life is literally on the line here. We have 3 dogs (I love them to pieces) that need to be fed and I don't have money for that or to feed our self. We can stay without food, but my beloved animals can't. I am willing to eat dog food just as long as I can keep my darling animals. I am insulin dependent but I don't have money to get it. I am begging for help, please, please, please. My life now and my future depends on it. Thank you. Daniel.
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